The happiness

First lesson: illusion of happiness

I long held the belief we had to catch happiness and every effort should be made to obtain it. According to me, happiness was a state of things rather than a state of being. So I focused on having a good life, an attractive certificate, a good job, building a home. My obstinacy in always craving for more, the continuous feeling of lack of something just led me to shut off my emotions until I wasn’t able to feel anything positive at all. My only feeling was only an enormous ball of negative energy in solar plexus that permanently blocked my breathing. I wasn’t breathing anymore, I was apneic, waiting for happiness. I thought I was happy, since my life was good. I just listened to the voice of reason, the only voice I could hear.

Second lesson: openness to life!

One day, I have listened to my little-inner-voice and my irrepressible desire to train myself in coaching so as to help other people as much as coaching has helped me personally. I have quickly asked myself about what does relationship with others mean to me and what were emotions to me. Gradually, I have opened my heart and started to integrate in my body the meaning of emotions, to express them, to stop keeping things unspoken, to stop lying to myself and so to be in relationship with every individual. I have begun to experience the joy of life by listening to and having respect for my needs.

Third lesson: happiness can even be achieved during the most painful life’s challenges

What we fear the most from life is bound to happen in spite of our efforts to control it. We can try in vain not to let go, when it is bound to happen, it happens!
Good news: there are no coincidences. It is our path of life and we are ready to face the challenge when it occurs.
Second good news: after the challenge, there is always a huge gift, even when everything collapses around us.
This is when we need to step back from the situation, understand the meaning of such challenge, learn from the script of our life so that it will not happen anymore. Coaching helps us to do so. Coaching helps us to go through our period of mourning, to accept the situation we have to face in order to be able to rebuild ourselves differently. The grieving process can take time. It is governed by five steps: refusal, anger, bargaining, depression, before reaching resignation. To find the meaning of our challenges through coaching is after all a wonderful gift to better know ourselves, to learn to be simply human and to live with our emotions.

Fourth lesson: happiness is simply to live our lives with a maximum of positive emotions!

Happiness is simply to live the present intensely. Happiness is to be present in each relationship we can build in our everyday life. In the end, happiness is to let go of the course of events, to trust life and to feel blessed. That doesn’t mean to give up. On the contrary, when what is strictly necessary has been done, we have to accept the situation as it is, and not to remain with a feeling of desire or action. Happiness is also to listen to our true needs, increase the activities that give us a real pleasure so as to experience more and more positive emotions.

Fifth lesson: the law of attraction!

The more positive emotions we feel, the more positive events happen in our lives. By replacing our feelings of lack of something and emptiness by feelings of fullness and serenity, our greatest dreams come true without us asking for this!

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