P., a manager of a large French bank after 15 hours of business coaching.

To testify about such a trip is not easy, but I’m going to try in a few lines to find the words that go well.
I couldn’t wait to start this coaching experience because I knew that I needed. I was in front of my manager requests as a hen in front of a toothbrush: between perplexity and misunderstanding that means non progression or failure.
Finally I realized during our coaching sessions that I was facing someone that I didn’t know: Me.
Audrey, from our first coaching session I was convinced that you were the right person and that the coaching could be held by phone. I’ve felt comfortable with you since the beginning. And finally, the distance was not an obstacle to progress at all.
After many questionnings I faced, I significantly changed my managerial practice, much of the brakes that I imposed to myself no longer exist and now I am able to remove the remaining ones using the techniques you taught me or trying to find other means talking with people.
In short, I feel better thanks to your coaching and the way you exercised it.

C., after 5 hours of life coaching.

I appreciated the honesty and professionalism of Ms. Favreau. She was able to bring me new perspectives to manage my daily life.

S., student after 11 hours of coaching.

I’m arrived at the end of my coaching and I feel alive again. A few weeks ago, I thought I need more sessions than originally defined, but finally, I do not need it anymore. I found friends, I know I’ll meet someone in a near future, I can smile, I feel good. Thanks to you.

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