My coaching skills

My vocation is to give you support into reaching your objectives!

Graduated in 2002 from Audencia Nantes School of Management (France), I am a certified coach through the Coach & Team School created in Paris by Vincent Lenhardt (Transformance Pro).

The coaching has been an evidence for me as my past jobs led me quickly to take the coach’s posture.

Professionally, I have always accompanied:

  • when I was an auditor: the audited structures, which have to reach an acceptable level of risk while taking into consideration the difficulties and constraints, such as human difficulties,
  • when I was a branch manager: my customers in their projects,
  • when I was head of division : my employees, in order to fulfil themselves and to do their utmost.

Nowadays with these experiences, I help individuals in their private and professional lives through individual coaching sessions to develop self-confidence, overcome their limiting beliefs and better cope with stress. Since 2014, I wanted to complete my background with a certification of restorative yoga in order to give them a method to manage their chronic stress, relax and let go (Relax & Renew® Trainer certification achieved by Judith Hanson Lasater).

I run restorative yoga courses and restorative yoga teacher training in Italy and France.

I get involved in companies through individual coaching to enable managers to develop their full potential. I also conduct team-building seminars. Team-building is the key to overcome all challenges, according to me! 
Nothing is more beautiful for me than helping to create a connection, solidarity, learning to trust each other and to be self-confident.

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