Coaching for Athletes


Awareness and responsibility are two qualities that are crucial to performance in sports.

David Hemery, 400-meter hurdler and 1968 Olympic gold medalist, researched 63 of the world’s top performers from more than 20 different sports for his book Sporting Excellence. In spite of considerable variations in other areas, awareness and responsibility consistently appeared to be the two most important attitudinal factors common to all and the attitude or state of mind of the performer is the key to performance of any kind.

The mind is key in playing sports.

The best way to develop and maintain the ideal state of mind for performance is to build awareness and responsibility continuously through the process of coaching.

The essence of coaching for athletes is to:

  • develop their full potential.
    Real performance is going beyond what is expected, it is setting one’s own highest standards, invariably standards that surpass what others demand or expect. It is, of course, an expression of one’s potential. That is what I coach for.
  • develop self-confidence. We build self-belief when we make decisions, take successful actions, and recognize our full responsibility for both our successes and our failures. In coaching, it is paramount that the coachee produces the desired results from the coaching session, without fail. My role is to help the client to optimal clarity and commitment to action, including pre-empting all obstacles.

Main techniques used:

  • Transactional analysis,
  • Bio-energy,
  • Visualisation and meditation,
  • Positive psychology,
  • Positive psychology,
  • Active listening.

The first coaching session is free.

My Fees

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