Become a Restorative Yoga Teacher

About Audrey’s Trainings

Audrey FAVREAU is a specialist in the fields of restorative yoga and professional coaching. Her trainings offer a practical path for deepening personal and professional interests in the healing aspects of restorative yoga. In an experiential setting, participants learn, explore, and practice through a harmonizing lens that weaves together the fields of restorative yoga, coaching, and mindfulness to create a dynamic approach to guiding yourself and others toward greater health and wholeness.

Each training focuses on the development of practical skills as well as strong assessment capabilities. Trainees learn clear guidelines and protocol while gaining a frame of reference for the work and an abundance of healing tools and techniques for addressing specific conditions and situations. Beyond simply ‘knowing what to do,’ trainees learn to cultivate a deep sensitivity for tuning into the subtle energetic field of their students, clients, or patients.

Trainings Are Designed For:

Audrey’s trainings are designed for new and experienced yoga teachers as well as health professionals, including doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, mental-health professionals, counselors, body workers, mind-body fitness instructors, coaches, and others working in healing, helping, and teaching professions.

Training Program:



16-18 march 2018 and 24-25 march 2018

7-11 december 2018

Fore additional informations, send an e-mail to Audrey:

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