A trip alone to Bali, for what?

To discover restorative yoga!

After my divorce, I made a decision: a travel to Bali to take time for myself, far from anywhere! I was going to spend this time taking care of myself through yoga and meditation.

The practice of yoga, especially the so-called restorative yoga, has been for me a real eye-opener! It involves indeed a deep relaxation. One hour and a half of complete relaxation to learn how to relax, restore ourselves and have a real break. This kind of yoga is the opposite of dynamic yoga. We settle comfortably in each posture, without muscular effort, but, on the contrary, with a complete letting go.

It allows to go very far into the relaxation.

Breathing exercises (pranayama) enable to deepen each posture and help to concentrate.?A period of meditation helps to be getting close to the state of perfect calmness.?As a result of it, we are relaxed and restored.

Thanks to this practice, I let myself go. I was able to experience pure moments of happiness and harmony with my body. Energy flows in the whole body and releases all tensions.

Meditation sessions to the sound of Tibetan singing bowls also enable me to achieve a calm mind, whereas I used to be very rarely at peace with my mind!

The sound of Tibetan singing bowls acts on different levels of our being. In meditation, it relieves us of mental hyperactivity. It makes the reconnection to ourselves easier. A thought comes to our minds, the sound of Tibetan singing bowls reconnects us almost automatically to our focus on breathing!

These combined two practices allowed me to reach in 10 days a level of relaxation I had never reached before. A real happiness, a real success! I have gradually developed a new vision of life!
Since I returned at home, I have cultivated each day this well-being and I finally take care of me.

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